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Full Spectrum Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas have been around for years but only recently have full spectrum saunas been developed for consumer use. Traditionally, infrared saunas have only been able to incorporate one of the wavelengths into their devices. So what are some of the benefits that a full spectrum sauna offers that a traditional sauna doesn’t?

Superior Sauna Experience

Overall, full spectrum infrared saunas are a great choice to make over a traditional sauna experience. They have more health benefits than traditional saunas, including increased blood flow and circulation, relaxation, improved immune system, pain reduction, inflammation reduction, and more.

A traditional sauna has one main ingredient: hot vaporized water, which heats up your body through the air around you, causing you to perspire. Full spectrum saunas, like those at Leclair Wellness Center, utilize special light bulbs to heat a person’s body and combine three infrared wavelengths - near, mid, and far - to get the maximum health benefit when used in a sauna setting.

Different Infrared Waves

Infrared refers to the wavelength of the light and energy that is emitted. This type of wavelength allows you to stay in a sauna longer than a traditional sauna would. The three types of infrared waves each have their own benefits:

  • Near-infrared - Improves wound healing, cell health, and oxygenation of tissues
  • Mid-infrared - Improves circulation, weight loss, and pain relief
  • Far-infrared - Supports detoxification and blood pressure balance

A Wealth of Health Benefits

One of the first health benefits you will experience when using a full spectrum infrared sauna at Leclair Wellness Center is increased blood circulation throughout your whole body. This is because the mid-infrared light penetrates your skin and encourages blood to move and circulate throughout your body. This increase of blood circulation will cause you to feel well-rested, rejuvenated, and more energized.

Far-infrared light will penetrate your fat cells, encouraging the release of toxins stored in fat, which will then be eliminated through your sweat. This process promotes healthy weight loss and initiates a slow but effective detoxification process in your body.

In addition, studios show that full spectrum infrared saunas produce a variety of health benefits, such as decreasing pain, reducing inflammation, and improving athletic performance. These are all mostly done through the increase of blood flow throughout the whole body, which helps to alleviate pain and inflammation.


If you’re looking for a way to get detoxification benefits and promote weight loss effortlessly, then a full spectrum infrared sauna is a wise option to consider. To try out this amazing treatment, book your appointment at Leclair Wellness Center by calling us today!


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